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"Always live with a Thankful heart" - Park Jung Min

"If you chase after your dream, it will never betray you." - Jang Dongwoo
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My questions for you~

  1. Favourite colour is? Blue and White
  2. Favourite TV show? Running Man 
  3. What food do you hate the most? Can’t think of one
  4. Most proud accomplishment so far~ Winning the 2nd place for a Lantern Compeition (since it’s the first time I’m joining a competition too, hahaha)
  5. Do you own any albums and if you do, name them! INFINITE H’s Fly High album, my first album <3
  6. Favourite weather conditions? (like rain, sunny, eeeerily calm etc) Rain!
  7. Do you like to paint your nails? No, hahaha, I’m too boyish to do that, I’ve tried it before and I suck! uhuhuhu
  8. Do you like to drink Tea? Yesseeeu!
  9. How big is your laptop or laptop computer? As small as a notebook, LOL
  10. Apple or PC? Apple! But I have a normal PC though :(
  11. Favourite thing to do to kill time? SLEEEEEPPP!!! MUAHAHAHA


GrandpaGyu always sitting in Infinite's comeback teasers


Woohyun & Myungsoo call on Sukira

140228 One Great Step Returns in Seoul
© hogam 
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140228 One Great Step Returns in Seoul
© hogam 
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23rd February 2014
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the innocent type, the sincere type and the fight-back type


Hi! I’ve been talking about a giveaway since this blog’s second anniversary last year but it never happened so… there’s a giveaway now for real! 04280313 is into its third year of running now and it’s nice to have shared so much beautiful Sungkyu+Myungsoo times with all of you! So for this (slightly late) Valentine’s giveaway, the items up for grabs are a couple of Sungkyu/Myungsoo/Infinite things:

  • Sungkyu’s Another Me album
  • Sungkyu’s Another Me poster
  • Myungsoo’s Bravo Viewtiful Part 2
  • Myungsoo’s Bravo Viewtiful Part 2 poster
  • Destiny album

+Sungkyu/Myungsoo postcards

The giveaway participation period will run from now till 31st March 2014, Monday, 2359h KST. The posters might be changed to concert goods once the goods list is released. This post will be updated if there are any changes.

I will pick three winners randomly with a generator! Please open your askboxes during the first week of April as I will be contacting the winners then. The first winner will be allowed to pick first and get a choice of two gifts, the second winner will get to choose next and pick two items, and the third winner will get one item each.

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Have fun and share the GyuSoo love~ ^^♥

Our one and only, Jang Dongwoo

11th February 2014
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infinite & tasty won the golden medal for male 400 meter relay

11th February 2014
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131012 One Great Step in Taiwan
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